About Laughter and Lemonade

Laughter and Lemonade is a food blog written by me, Alicia, your registered dietitian (RD).  It’s a space to share all things health and happiness.  (It was previously known as Paleo Paisan. More about that here.)

The main goals of Laughter and Lemonade are to…

  • Make and share really delicious food.  I mean duh.  It’s a food blog.  I hope you salivate when you see these food pics!
  • Inspire you to cook.  I believe strongly that getting into the kitchen is one of the best things you can do for your health.  Any hand I play in nudging you into the kitchen is a big win!

I also want to….

  • Support you in finding the best way to eat FOR YOU.  We are all the same!!  Did you hear??  No, I’m kidding.  Obviously we are all different.  So why do we expect that our way of eating is the best or the only right way?  What works for me might not work for you and vice versa.  And I just want you to know that that’s okay.  Respect.  In fact, that’s great!  You do you.  And don’t worry about what anyone else is doing!  Be inspired and excited to walk your own path.
  • Encourage you to find a long-term sustainable way to eat. I’m not actually talking about “sustainability” the way you frequently hear with regards to sources of food (though that’s a great awareness to have).  I’m talking about a way to eat that’s healthy, regular, freeing and intuitive.  This means you’re not ever on a diet.  You’re not always trying to lose/gain weight or change your body.  You’re not always avoiding certain foods you like because they’re “bad”.  In fact you stop thinking of food as being either “good” or “bad”.  You’re not looking for a magic diet or magic foods that will suddenly give you complete optimal health.  When it comes to eating, you do what you do, you feel great, and you trust that your body will take care of itself.  Let’s all get to that place.  And if you’re there, hollerrrr.  Gold stars for you!
  • Offer a compassionate perspective on healthy eating.  Yes, we know some foods are better for us than others. Like sugary soda vs. an apple?  Hmmm… I know.  That’s a tough one.  While I believe we can all make better food choices than others (and “clean foods” are generally good for us) all the buzz around “clean eating” could be doing more harm than good by fostering that good-or-bad black-or-white thinking.  Because believe it or not, much less is actually known about nutrition than you might think!  There is no one “right” or “best” way of eating that is 100% scientifically proven.  So let’s get to a place where we’re educated on what food choices might be good, better or best choices, but also understand that we have “sometimes foods” and “everyday foods” for a reason.  And I’m so glad for that because I love my mom’s carrot cake with cream cheese frosting every year on my dad’s birthday!  And I’m not giving that up because it isn’t “clean”.  Neither should you.

If you’re wondering where the blog got its name (Laughter and Lemonade) read this!