About Me

Hello there!  I’m Alicia. I’m a registered dietitian and the girl sitting behind the laptop writing this blog. I’m glad you’re here, so pop a squat!  I love both food and drink, duh… if you’re writing a food blog shouldn’t that go without saying??  Welcome to my site where I cook and share really good food. Well that’s the goal at least. Oh, and that it inspires you to cook too. That’s the other main goal.  Pretty simple! For more on my food philosophy, check out About L&L.

There’s so many reasons I’m passionate about food.  I love how food is connected to memories of people, places, and moments.  Don’t some things just taste like home?  I love traveling to new places and trying new foods, but I do have my limits.  Sorry, honey, I don’t regret giving you all the dog sausage while we were in Vietnam.  (And that’s tame compared to some of the other things Dan’s tried!  Go ahead, ask him sometime.)  For me, most dishes are tied to memories and vice versa.  (I’m totally the same with music!  Name a song and I’ll tell you when in my life it was playing, who I was with, or what I was doing once when that song played.)  Food brings people together and I love that.  Being creative in the kitchen, sharing a delicious plate of food, going out to a nice meal, sharing a cup of coffee, it all just makes me smile.

Dan and Alicia

My husband Dan is the brains behind everything tech. Together we taste test and photograph recipes. Technically he’s the expert behind the photography (heck he has his own photography gig) so that makes me the eager always learning student. I’ve always loved getting my hands into anything creative or art-related. So right now, that’s photography.

I currently live in Denver, Colorado. I moved here from Durango, Colorado where I was for about a year to complete my dietetic internship… AKA to become an RD or registered dietitian. Originally I’m from Columbus, Ohio (go Bucks!) but I’ve also lived in some other great places like Seattle, Portland (Oregon), and Australia.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing you made a recipe (bonus if you liked it) or that you don’t normally cook (or cook with a certain ingredient) and my site inspired you to do so. I don’t follow any one certain diet, but support you on your journey in finding whatever way of eating works best for you! I tag my recipes that fit in some of those diet boxes to make it easier for those of you looking for it, but whether you believe in a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, or other eating style, I can bet I have some healthy, delicious recipes you’ll like!

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